Big, late surge in vote-by-mail ballots

The Lake County Registrar of Voters office put out a press release Friday, Nov. 6, describing the total number of ballots remaining to be counted. Spoiler alert: It’s a big chunk, in part because of high voter turnout. The final, certified results could change the outcome of some local races, Lakeport City Council included, but … Read more

Another Covid-19 metric to remember

It is really easy to go down the statistical rabbit hole with Covid-19. One reason for that is general skepticism about the seriousness of the disease, as proclaimed regularly on Fox News and any number of well-outside-the-mainstream media outlets. Another reason is more practical: Statistics determine where counties fall on the state’s color-coded reopening plan, … Read more

Signage can boost Covid-19 safety

Lake County’s Covid-19 response is a mixed bag, for assorted reasons, but one reason is pretty easy to figure out: Signage is lacking or missing across a wide variety of industry sectors. There’s no clear public-private partnership, and as a result there’s a lot of mixed messaging. The photo gallery below borrows ideas from merchants … Read more

Green on Green: My interview on KPFZ

I joined Ron Green on the Sept. 26 broadcast of his Philadelphia Lawyer show on KPFZ, Lake County’s community radio station. We’re no relation, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, but we often think along the same lines. It was a pretty good interview, so listen in.

California ballot propositions

City Council members are often asked to provide input on new and proposed state legislation, most often in the form of a council resolution. These requests usually come from third parties, including the League of California Cities, but elections provide another opportunity to weigh in. Here’s a quick recap of California ballot propositions and my … Read more