Vote Green for Lakeport City Council

Green for Lakeport City Council

My name is Michael Green, and it has been my privilege to serve the City of Lakeport as a planning commissioner since 2017. I hope to continue my service as an elected Lakeport City Council member, and I’d appreciate your vote in the Nov. 3 general election.

One reason I’m running is to ensure voters have a choice in November. My fellow candidates each have their own unique perspectives and a commitment to public service. I’m confident Lakeport will be well served no matter who wins this election, and I want voters to have that same confidence. Elections are important, not just nationally but also locally. (Register to vote here.)

Preliminary election results — thank you!!

If there is one qualification that sets me apart, it’s knowledge of local government. As a former newspaper reporter and editor, I covered cities, counties and school districts for 20 years, and I always worked hard to ensure their actions were transparent to readers. Likewise, I will stress full transparency while serving on the Lakeport City Council. Keeping the public informed is vital.

Some Lakeport residents may know me through my work to establish state-licensed cannabis businesses within Lake County, which has been a hotbed of illicit cultivation for decades. In 2016, I helped Lakeport and Lake County stakeholders draft new regulations for commercial cannabis activities and non-commercial home cultivation. I served as campaign treasurer for Measure C, the cannabis cultivation tax approved by county voters. I advised cannabis/hemp growers as Lake County’s industrial hemp program took shape in 2019. Lake County is a safer and more prosperous place thanks to these efforts.

Most recently, I have tried to fill unmet needs for cotton masks within the Lake County community. To date, has provided more than 1,200 free masks in response to requests from local residents. This nonpartisan effort relies on a tireless band of “mask-eteers” who have worked behind the scenes for months to help keep us all safe. In addition, I’ve worked with the Masking for a Friend Facebook community to rally support for enforcement of public health orders. On the City Council, I will work hard to ensure Lakeport’s Covid-19 response stays on track in 2021, while gratefully acknowledging all the great work that has been done in 2020.

I can’t promise Lakeport residents will like every decision I make if elected to the City Council, but I can promise those decisions will be made with honesty, openness and full input from the public and my fellow council members. I can work effectively with people from a wide range of social and political backgrounds, which comes in handy during these stressful times. I’d appreciate your vote.